Get a razor sharp understanding of the market and your users.

Research-informed strategy helps you find product-market fit faster. Build with the confidence that you’re solving the right problem at the right time for the right user.

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Partnering with RnDAO is for you if:

  • You are working in a challenging market
  • You have a new idea, and want to know how to position it so it’s valued instead of ignored
  • Sales and adoption haven’t picked up as hoped, and you want to know why
  • You have a hunch about the solution that's needed, and don't want to waste time building the wrong thing
  • You need to know where you should build on your own, and where you should partner with others
  • You want a sounding board you can trust to think through all the details

Good Research uncovers Clear Problems making Great Products.

When a team deeply understands the problem they’re solving, there’s confidence, alignment and prioritisation are smooth, and defining solution-experiments is easy and can be done methodically. This results in great products that delight customers.

And yet, in many startups…

  • Research is skipped, products are built on assumptions, and countless hours of dev time are lost.
  • Poorly conducted research gives false confirmations and unreliable conclusions.
  • And even when there is good research, there’s a gap between insights and strategy.

Research that gives you clarity and conviction.

Our research process is designed to take you from uncertainty to product-market fit.

Our client-facing team has led research in both Web3 (Aragon, Sobol, etc) and Web2 (Intuit, Google, McKinsey, etc). We've facilitated workshops for nimble startups, leading tech corporates, and even the UN. We believe in deep alignment and leaving no stone unturned, ensuring the decisions that come out are top quality.

  • Research Strategy Workshop

    Identify the assumptions and define the questions that enable you to choose the right strategy.

  • Research Sprint: the landscape of the problem

    We do the grunt work and balance with tight research cycles to get you an overview of the problem space, quickly and methodically.

  • Research Sprint: deep dive

    We dig deeper into the most promising areas for you, to uncover deep and actionable insights you can build upon.

  • Product Strategy Workshops

    We facilitate strategy sessions with your team and our researchers to identify your sweet spot between user needs, team capabilities, and business opportunity.

Be ready to have your assumptions challenged and uncover a foundation you can really build on.

Not sure where to start? no worries! We’ll help you find the clarity you need!

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